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Thru-Feed Grinding
In-Feed Grinding
Profile Grinding

Our Specialties
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Power Generation
  • Transportation
  • Appliance
  • Industrial
  • Utilities


At Prefermedical, aerospace, defense, power generation, transportation, appliancered Centerless, our field of concentration is the centerless grinding of stainless steel, space-aged metals, tool steel, ceramics, plastics and rubber.

We specialize in maintaining high tolerances for the medical, aerospace, defense, power generation, transportation, appliance, industrial and utilities industries where the highest quality and exacting standards are required.

At Preferred Centerless, our years of experience allow us to accurately recommend manufacturing processes that result in the most precise, cost effective and highest quality parts for our valued customers.

Our centerless grinders handle pre-machine to high finish grind operations, using thru-feed, in-feed or profile methods. We can also perform other value added services on your parts such as heat treating or coatings, etc.